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The general purpose world renown sailing dinghy is still being built and is gaining popularity for dinghy cruising.

For more information, contact Chris Tyler at chris@solentgremlin.co.uk or Phone 02392 499796

Also see the Wayfarer Class Association for all of the events.

The 2018 Round the Island Information document with Registration form is now available.

Date is Saturday 9th June 2018. Weather is looking good - light winds

Click here to download a copy

2018 Round the Island Entries:

W28 Chreselen

W6042 Josh

W7878 Puddle Duck

W8796 Little Pigs Dance (unfortunately had to pull out)

W9002 Ospray

W9843 Mistral

W9405 Curlew

W10392 Sky Lark

W10143 Artic Fox

W10154 BlueBell




2017 Details - 2017 years entries


Way Southampton

It may not be sunny all the time but the Sailing is great.

A plan 'B' trip down to the Itchen bridge Southampton from Calshot.


Fed week 2007


One boat, many uses. Racing at Chichester Harbour Federation Week. Fantasia and Chreselen

Wayfarer Cruising.jpg


Wayfarer number 28, 1958. Used regularly for racing and solent trips. last trip from Emsworth to White cliff Bay June 2010

W 28

"Chreselen" W28 Around the Isle of Wight June 2011

See Link to Pictures & Video






A snippet of the Wayfarer Events (South Coast) 2018:

Wayfarer Tidal Training and Solent Rally – Calshot. 14/15th April 2018

Exploration of the Western Solent 4/5th May 2018

Wayfarer Nationals Castle Cove Weymouth Friday 1st June to Sunday 3rd June 2018

Wayfarer Class Association Round the Isle of Wight Saturday 9th June 2018

D-day beaches Rally – Ver sur Mer, Normandy 15/21st July 2018

Plymouth Introductory Cruise 27/30th July 2018

You must be a member of the Wayfarer Association - only £25 !




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